Monday, 5 December 2011

Pink and Glitter

With time my taste to nail colors has change. As a teen I was obsessed with any dark shades from black to dark blue to even green. Than I found it much easier to just have them done at a nail salon with a professional. After  many hours (and money) spent with my manicurist, I learnt how to do my nails myself. Right now I really like just a plain color for my nails, but sometimes I like to do something different. When I first saw the new O.P.I. Silver Shatter look I said I have to have it. And now is the second time I am using it after I had it for almost a year.

* I applied a coat of a Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea 
* Then carefully created a line of O.P.I Silver Shatter Nail Polish on the outer side of my nails
* Finish with a Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea for extra shine


  1. Great idea! I will definitely have to try this!