Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Do you match your shoes with you purse?

This is one of those "depends on the look you're going for" kind of responses. 
In the past it was a must to coordinate your purse and shoes. I remember my teenage years when I will shop and shop till I find the matching purse for my favorite flats. But with time the trends have changed. In our days is more likely to have one outstanding piece or wear the same style shoes and purse.You would still see people matching but for special occasions like wedding or parties. It is a must to coordinate for a big night out if you want to be perfect.
For everyday is good enough to have comfortable shoes and a big enough bag to fit everything you need. Either your shoes or your bag should match your outfit. Try also to wear similar accessories. Because of my job I change average 3 times a day my shoes, so fashion police, please don`t put me in jail for not having 3 handbags with me to switch along with my shoes.
Somehow I ended up with few matching pairs that wasn`t intentional but I was surprised to see how close they are.

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  1. hi sweetie! thanks for your comment at my blog ;)
    i'm a new follower ;)
    no, i don't match shoes with purse :p
    lots of kisses from portugal