Sunday, 24 February 2013

The most expensive nail polish

Obsessed with you nails? 
Yes, I am......any day, any time......bright colors, french, crazy designs, stickers, shellac, acrylic nails.....what else? Let me how about diamond nails?? NO! I am not talking about Swarovski elements on your nail, I am talking about the most expensive nail polish with real diamonds! And to be exact 267 carats of black diamonds! It is created by a jewelry designer Azature and if you wonder how much will be I will tell you! The price of a little luxury on your nails- $250 000!! Yes, the price is right! In fact Kelly Osbourne made a statement on the Emmy Awards last year wearing the pricey nail polish. Well for all of us, shopping on a "budget" the nail polish is available for only $25 and it contains a single black diamond. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Michael Kors Runway 2013

After 7 days of fashion, over 80 designers and thousands of outfits my heart goes to Michael Kors! Totally my favorite this season with bright colors (the color block is still on!) and breathtaking accessories.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Sunniest Beach

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is among the most popular, most recognizable and the biggest summer resorts on Black Sea. Here is all about having fun, no matter where you come from. It`s the sunniest resort with the sunniest people and the sunniest tourists. All you need is a group of best friends and you know the party will go on. It`s been my favorite destination for years and even that I live in beautiful Caribbean island of St. Thomas I enjoy going back to Sunny Beach and reconnect with friends! Here is all the fun from my summer vacations 2011-2012
                                          The Beaches:

                                          Lounging, Dinning and much more......

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A visit from Miss World Bahamas!

I had the pleasure to meet Miss World Bahamas De'Andra Bannister! Very sweet and charming girl!!! Isn't she beautiful?

                         I had to be on the steps to reach her height! ;)

                                                     A beautiful crown!

An unexpected surprise with a diamond ring! WOW! Love is in the air!!