Sunday, 24 February 2013

The most expensive nail polish

Obsessed with you nails? 
Yes, I am......any day, any time......bright colors, french, crazy designs, stickers, shellac, acrylic nails.....what else? Let me how about diamond nails?? NO! I am not talking about Swarovski elements on your nail, I am talking about the most expensive nail polish with real diamonds! And to be exact 267 carats of black diamonds! It is created by a jewelry designer Azature and if you wonder how much will be I will tell you! The price of a little luxury on your nails- $250 000!! Yes, the price is right! In fact Kelly Osbourne made a statement on the Emmy Awards last year wearing the pricey nail polish. Well for all of us, shopping on a "budget" the nail polish is available for only $25 and it contains a single black diamond. 


  1. love nailpolish as much as you but will stick to my 22euros (max) Chanel polish!!! lol

  2. Fantastic COLOR! Completely Love it! At the original price, I would imagine that it not only doesn't chip, but one coat with minimal touch ups, lasts FOREVER (and i do mean eternally) ... can you imagine having to buy two bottles?!?!?